New Maui Books–They’re Out There Somewhere!

Maybe it’s a good thing my new books, Sugarcane Days: Remembering Maui’s Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company and The Story of Lahaina, didn’t arrive during the last few days. Imagine unloading 3,000-plus pounds of books in the rain.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself after reading Sarah Ruppenthal’s great story in The Maui News this morning, describing the work I’ve done over the last couple of decades writing about Maui history. I had so hoped to have the books distributed around the island by the time Sarah’s story appeared, but the mysterious ways of interisland shipping stymied that plan.Adobe Photoshop PDF

So I can’t say whether and when the books will be available at the events and retail outlets listed below. All I can do is pray that they’ll be delivered soon, while there’s still plenty of time for Christmas shopping. I’ll update and repost this list as things change, and believe me, when the books do arrive, I’ll cyber-shout it to the mountaintops!

Sugarcane Days will be available first at the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum in Pu`unene, source of the pictures it contains of plantation life in the twentieth century. Both books will be at the other locations shortly thereafter, and they’ll be on Amazon for off-island readers. As soon as they arrive, I’ll make the cover pictures on the top right of this blog link to Amazon, so you can click to reach the page.

Please remember that the books may or may not be available at presentations listed below. Please check this space before heading off to a book signing event—no books, no signing! And please accept my apologies for this crazy situation.

The Rotary Club meetings where I’ll be speaking all include a meal, at varying prices. The Lahaina Rotary talks will focus on The Story of Lahaina; others will focus more on Sugarcane Days. If you belong to a group that needs a speaker, I’ll be happy to talk to you about either or both books, so please get in touch.


December 13, 7 a.m.,Lahaina Sunrise Rotary Club, Pioneer Inn

December 15, 7 a.m., Wailuku Rotary Club, Vineyard Food Company

December 15, 7 p.m., Wailuku Library

December 16, 12-3 p.m., Maui Friends of the Library at Queen Ka`ahumanu Center (signing only, no talk)

December 17, Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.(Sugarcane Days only, signing only)

December 19, Kahului Rotary Club, noon, Tante’s Restaurant (Maui Palms Hotel)

December 24, 1-3 p.m., Story of Hawai`i Museum at Queen Ka`ahumanu Center (signing only, no talk)

January 3, 5:30 p.m., Lahaina Sunset Rotary, Royal Lahaina

Retail outlets:

(Central Maui)

A&B Sugar Museum (Sugarcane Days only)

Maui Friends of the Library, QKC

Maui Historical Society’s Hale Ho`ike`ike at Bailey House

Lori’s Hair Shack


Nita’s Hidden Treasures


Baldwin Home Museum

Wo Hing Museum

Village Galleries

Visitor Center in the Old Lahaina Courthouse

Maui Grown Coffee (in the old Pioneer Mill building next to the smokestack)

Maui Friends of the Library (upstairs at the Wharf Cinema Center & Shops)




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