New to Hawai`i? This is the book for you.

Island Life 101: A Newcomer's Guide to Hawaii

Island Life 101: A Newcomer’s Guide to Hawai`i
is dedicated to helping you learn more about the fabulous Hawaiian Islands.

Whether you live here, want to live here, love to visit or just dream of it, this book aims to give you an insider’s view of Hawai`i through cool stories and pictures about the history of Hawai`i, Hawaiian music, local food and community life.

Praise for Jill Engledow:

“I wish this handbook were required reading for every newcomer and tourist before they got off the plane. It’s equivalent to years of experience in dealing with and understanding the wonderful, sometimes crazy-making, multicultural place we call home.”
-Ron Youngblood, The Maui News

“This guide for newcomers is a ‘must’ read. Jill’s warm and direct way of describing our many cultural eccentricities will make your relocation challenges easier and all of your fantasies your realities.”
-Lynne Woods, President Emeritus, Maui Chamber of Commerce

“Comprehensive, educational, and entertaining–required reading for newcomers, and a great refresher course for kama`aina.”
-Keali`i Reichel, composer, singer and kumu hula

“If you know someone moving to Hawai`i, or someone thinking about moving, you’d be doing them a favor by buying them this little book. And really, it’s doing all of us a favor by helping to preserve the precious lifestyle we enjoy here in Hawai`i.”
-Sky Barnhart, Maui Weekly

Island Life 101: A Newcomers Guide to Hawai`i

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