About Jill Engledow

Author Jill Engledow researching photos at the Maui Historical Society

Author Jill Engledow researching photos at the Maui Historical Society

Jill’s Story:

I was born in England, grew up in Texas, Hawai‘i and Guam, and found my home on the island of Maui.

I moved to Hawai‘i in 1959 with my family (Dad was a newspaper man who covered events like volcano eruptions and a major tsunami on the Big Island). The move transformed my life. Imagine living in a jungle, swimming along Hilo’s reefs, and watching record-breaking lava fountains—after a childhood spent in a suburb on the edge of the Texas desert! I formed a lifelong love of Hawai‘i, its music, culture and people.

In 1968, I came to Maui, where for several years I lived in the country raising goats, chickens and vegetables, always busy but always broke. Then I realized that, while many around me also knew how to make (and sell) a loaf of bread or a crocheted bikini, I knew how to make something few others could: stories. I used skills I’d learned from my journalist father to approach Maui’s alternative weekly newspaper, the Maui Sun. A few years of experience there led to a job at The Maui News, where I worked for 18 years, covering every aspect of Maui life during an amazing time of change.

Since 1998, I’ve been a free-lance writer specializing in Maui and the history of Hawai‘i. In addition to those featured on this website, my books include Exploring Historic Upcountry, The Spirit Lives On: A History of Old Maui High at Hamakuapoko, The Maui News: 100 Years as Maui’s Newspaper, and several collaborations with other writers.

Along the way, I’ve won various awards: several for my writing at The Maui News, some for magazine stories and a couple for my books, notably an “Ippy” from the Independent Publishers Book Awards for Haleakala: A History of the Maui Mountain.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunities this writing life has given me, and I’m still at work, focused these days on books about Maui history. I’ll use this website and blog to share stories I find in my files and comments on current events, with a preview now and then of those upcoming books.

To reach me, email jill@mauiislandpress.com, write to Maui Island Press at P.O. Box 176, Wailuku HI 96793, or message me via Facebook.