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Locals Know: Ratoon Crops

Did you just get your youngest child into high school, only to discover that there’s another one on the way? This surprise baby is your “ratoon crop,” a term borrowed from Hawai`i agriculture. Both sugar and pineapple produce a bonus harvest when the ratoon crop sprouts from a field that already has been harvested, and…

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South Maui Waterline Break: A Harbinger?

The broken line that cut off water supplies to much of Kihei yesterday might have been a wake-up call. Apparently that 18-inch line is one of two (the other is 36 inches) that supplies this whole coast, and I bet they are still the same lines originally installed in the late ’60s or early ’70s…

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Off Island: I Become a Tour-Bus Tourist

So there I was, dragging a heavy suitcase through rush-hour pedestrian   traffic over a bumpy cobbled sidewalk. Somewhere up this busy London street was the station from which my train would be leaving in less than half an hour. Exactly where that station was, I had no idea, but my only choice was to keep…

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