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Locals Know: Rubber Slippers

Rubber slippers are everywhere in Hawai`i, a symbol of the local lifestyle. When did these flip-flops become the national footwear of Hawai`i? Old-timers don’t remember them from their childhood, when prewar kids went barefoot or, on very special occasions, wore real shoes. Most people don’t really think about it, but one scholar, Edward Tenner, took…

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The Disappearing Dunes of Central Maui

I take particular pleasure in the Maui Lani Parkway, the “new road” that cuts from Wai`ale Road to Kamehameha Avenue. Folks who drive through Central Maui a lot will probably know the one I mean—it’s a shortcut that lets you get from Waikapu and Wailuku to the far end of Kahului without having to go…

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Locals Know: Ratoon Crops

Did you just get your youngest child into high school, only to discover that there’s another one on the way? This surprise baby is your “ratoon crop,” a term borrowed from Hawai`i agriculture. Both sugar and pineapple produce a bonus harvest when the ratoon crop sprouts from a field that already has been harvested, and…

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