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Royal Maui Line Produced a Sacred Queen

Keopuolani, the “sacred wife” of Kamehameha I, was considered sacred because of her high lineage. She was the product of generations of intermarriage between high-ranking ali‘i of the Pi‘ilani line. The marriage of close relatives—full-blood brothers and sisters, half siblings, first cousins—was believed to magnify the mana, or power, of the chiefly class, concentrating it…

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Maui’s Waters of Destruction

The Wailuku River (once known as Iao Stream) lived up to its name the other night when it became a “water of destruction.” The storm that wrought such destruction on other parts of the island resulted in what I’ve been wishing for in my new, dry Kihei location: a quiet rainy day. It wasn’t so peaceful elsewhere…

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